We treat each scan job as a custom job. We ask you specific questions about how you intend to use the scan so we can be sure you will get what you need. Our standard scans include color correcting, sharpening, and dust spotting. We can archive it to a disk, upload it to an FTP site, or email it to you. Color correct proofs are always available.
scans_page_photo_headerFilm Scans
Scans are done on our high resolution Imacon “virtual drum” scanner. These film scanners have become the professional standard for photographers worldwide; in fact Imacon bought Hasselblad recently and merged the companies under the Hasselblad name. On the Imacon scanner, we can scan transparency or negative film sizes up to 5″x7″ and at resolutions up to 6300 dpi. We can also scan glass negatives up to 8″x10″ on our 1600dpi flatbed scanner.

Custom Scans
We will work with you to customize our scan services. We can offer 16 bit scans, raw scans (without dust spotting and clean cropping), and sometimes multiple small pieces ganged up on on a single scan. We are especially skilled at “de-screening” art that has been previously printed on off-set printers.