Think of Light Rain as your digital department. Many of our photographer clients that shoot film realize the tremendous advantages of printing digitally. We have been doing it from the beginning - for over 15 years! Light Rain was the first company in Marin County to offer true photographic digital prints long before inkjet printers could print photographic quality. If you shoot digitally, we can help with all aspects of the workflow from raw.

We offer high quality film scans from our Imacon "virtual drum" scanner. We consider every scan a custom scan. We dust spot, color correct and straighten all scans. We are happy to work with you on any special needs you might have, like insert scans or even offering you less expensive "raw" scans. We also have excellent options for scanning existing prints or flat art.

For pricing please download our scanning price list.

We offer stunning quality Epson Ultra Chrome and Ultra Chrome K3 prints on a variety of papers up to 60" wide. These printers are now considered the state of the art for Archival Photo printing. With over 15 years digital photo printing experience; the last 8 years on archival inkjet printing; we know our printers and we now how to achieve the best color.

For pricing please download our print price list.

With over a decade of experience retouching digital files, we know what we are doing. We are happy to work with you to help you achieve perfection in your images. And, if needed, we can arrange an "over the shoulder" interactive retouching session to work on your files. We always strive for complete satisfaction.