We started retouching photos in 1994 when Photoshop was in version 2.0 and 32MB of RAM was worth over a $1000. With that many years of experience, you can be sure we’ve done it all, whether it is simply removing an unwanted element or a complex mixing of different images.
retouch_page_photo_headerDIGITAL MAGIC
We have removed wrinkles, pounds, and pimples; added and straightened teeth, dyed hair, and changed color of clothes. In 1999 we retouched all the product package shots for 63 different packaged ice cream cones, sandwiches, and popsicles. Light Rain retouching has appeared on all of the HP printer cartridge packaging as well as the current C&H Sugar packaging. Our work is found on numerous CD covers, display ads, and poster art.

For our artist clients, we remove signatures for edition printing or stray paint drips, paper wrinkles, seams, or other flaws.

We’ve done many projects over the years where complex images are combined. We have the experience with Photoshop to know if an idea is workable. We would be happy to discuss your project with you. Contact us via email: or phone: (415) 454-4640.

We love a challenge and we guarantee the results we will produce for you!