This an area where Light Rain has all the competitors around here beat. We have a truly state of the art system to capture artwork digitally. Whether you bring us a 5 foot by 7 foot canvas, or a small Russian icon we have the setup to capture it perfectly.

We use a 4x5subtleties Swiss camera with a BetterLight digital scan back which captures the equivalent of a 144 MegaPixel file. Even the best pro cameras today are less than half the MegaPixels. We customize the lighting for each capture taking into account the characteristics of the artwork, such as texture and existence of metallic paint.
We use the latest high intensity discharge (HID) lights from North Light Products which offer the best color spectoral response available.

Below is a comparison of a detail of the same watercolor painting captured two ways. The left image was captured with our digital scanback; the right image was captured with a 4x5 transparency, which was subsequently scanned to a digital image. Subletly and detail from the original art is lost in the film process and the color, though correctable, is not accurate. Direct digital capture results in a reproduction that is amazingly faithful to the artist's work.


Smaller art that does not have pronounced texture can be captured on a 1600dpi tabloid+ size (12"x18") professional flatbed scanner with focusable scanning area and single direction cold cathode light source. Flatbed scans are color managed in the same way that scanback scans are. There is virtually no setup, so often the turnaround time is quicker for these scans. For art that is appropriate for this type of capture, flatbed scans are more cost effective as well.